Dental Surgery


Welcome to the most advanced dental treatment facility in Karigiri.
Started in 2005, till date, the Dental unit has evolved with the Almighty Grace from above, into the most advanced dental care facility available in the district.
With 2 hygienic treatment rooms and the absolute latest in Dental equipment, we have skillfully and ethically served patients from all levels of the community in restoring their smiles using Evidence-Based dental practice.
We build our standards on the base of transforming lives through compassionate care and to provide the best comprehensive Dental care facility. We have set our goals to raise public awareness on oral health and promote good dental health in and around the District of Vellore.

The team of the unit is supported by Dental Surgeons

Dental services available both at Karigiri(main hospital) and at Paul Brand Integrated Health Centre(katpadi clinic)
OPD timing: 8:00 – 12:00 (monday – friday)
Treatment: 1:00- 4:30 (monday – friday)


Centre for Excellence

Our hospital is still an exclusive centre for the treatment of Leprosy affected patients, and their rehabilitation. The leprosy problem in our district is well controlled with the immense efforts and steps taken by our hospital to control and eliminate the spread of leprosy.
But Leprosy has its own way of affecting certain organs of the body at a particular level, and since we are a world-renowned research centre, the research in Leprosy has brought out many insights about the disease.
But in regard to this, many more ongoing research in the field of Dentistry needs to be studied especially towards the pathology of the organism affecting the dental tissues needs to be studied and the stigma of leprosy which has actually prevented the patients from getting Dental treatment and finally losing hope to get their Dental problems treated.

Dental Aspects Towards Leprosy

  1. The multi-disciplinary approach involves various departments to care for the Leprosy-affected
  2. Now comes the question of Dental aspects towards Leprosy, since it is proved that Mycobacterium Leprae is present in the Palate of the Oral Cavity
  3. The Dental problems of the Leprosy-affected patients are quite similar to those experienced by general patients, and the care for them stays the same.
  4. Unless they are experiencing major reactions in their body and are on high steroidal medications, in such cases, only conservative Dental approach is recommended till the patient’s physical and mental state stabilizes and after the tapering of the steroids to minimal range, the patient can eb taken up for treatment. Antibiotics are prescribed to control dental infection from spreading till the time the patient is taken up for the treatment of his (or her) problem.

Community Dental Care

Our unit has involved in various activities of the hospital in care for the Dental needs of the Leprosy-affected. We provide screening programs and dental health education in the prevention of various Dental diseases. We provide Full Mouth Rehabilitation (FMR) to all the Leprosy-affected patients who visit our OPD. We also look after the residents of Shanthi Gramam and meet all of their Dental needs as well.


We are grateful to many who have contributed to the oral care of these Leprosy-affected patients and getting them dentures to enhance their lifestyle and can still experience the life of a normal person.
But there are still many more Leprosy-affected patients who need oral rehabilitation and cannot afford the treatment. We welcome you to help us in rebuilding their smiles and giving back hope to the Leprosy-affected.