Patient Care

Outpatient services:

The department has an average outpatient attendance of about 960 patients per week with a wide variety of cases. Of these about 9% are leprosy patients.
Dermatology services are available at both

Karigiri (main hospital)- Monday to Friday (8;00 – 12:30)
                                  Saturday (8:00 – 10:30)
PBIHC (Katpadi)  Monday to Friday(8:00 – 10:30)

Inpatient services

Inpatient services continue at Karigiri base hospital, for both leprosy and general dermatology cases.

In addition to experienced personnel involved in the diagnostic and therapeutic work carried out by the department, we are ably supported by the laboratory facilities for biopsies, mouse footpad studies for leprosy, molecular biology techniques for drug resistance, and a well developed lab for microbiology, clinical biochemistry and clinical pathology.In addition , we also have the added advantage of being close to CMC, Vellore, and thus able to avail of ultra specialized investigations such as direct immunoflurescence, and tests for special antibodies.

We do cosmetic treatment for lesions such as moles, some types of birthmarks, warts, freckles, acne,acne scarring, keloids, post chicken pox scars and rosacea.

Team Members

HOD Dr. Sheela Daniel  - Specialist

         Dr.  Priya Joseph – Specialist

         Dr.  Ilse Horo – Specialist

         Dr. Sobha Johnson – Specialist

         Dr. Ann Mary Jose community health department


Wehave the facilities for whole body phototherapy with UVA as well as narrow band UVB.There is also a facility for hand and foot Puva therapy easily accessible at our branch near Katpadi. The Department has a CO2 laser, a micromotor dermabrader, and facilities for cryosurgery, radiofrequency cautery, and electrocautery