ENT Department

An Overview and Update

The Ear Nose Throat Department at Karigiri Hospital was begun in 1998 with the E N T specialist, Dr. Daniel K Mani joining the staff; prior to that, periodic visits of E N T specialists from C M C Vellore .E N T Department helped provide Outpatient treatment of common E N T ailments of Leprosy patients and take on collaborative studies on leprosy affectations of the nose.

Over this past decade the E N T department has steadily posted growth in the numbers of patients seen at OPD and in the IP admission and surgeries done. Overall, the ENT Department has complemented and has been encouragingly supported by, other clinical, non clinical and peculiarly leprosy service departments as well, of Karigiri.


Out Patient Clinic:

From the beginning, regular daily O P Clinic was conducted at OPD; it is now held on all weekdays except Wednesdays at the main Karigiri Hospital; on Wednesdays ENT OP clinic is conducted at Gudiyatham. Non leprosy patients hailing from in and around the rural and semi urban population of Karigiri, Katpadi and Vellore form the bulk of OP clientele; however in keeping with the ethos and focus of the institution, service to leprosy patients (who come from nearby and faraway places see (k)ing Karigiri as their one home and hope) is given priority ,in an atmosphere of total acceptance and integration with others. This has considerably helped increase acceptance and reduce stigma of leprosy.
The number of OP registrations has shown steady increase presently reaching ~ 120 patients in a week.