Get Involved

How you can be involved in Karigiri’s work.

You could contribute towards any one (or more) of the following:

Good Samaritan Fund

This fund enables us to give free treatment, footwear, and prostheses to poor leprosy patients. It covers

Special Footwear

Poor Patients Fund

It helps us extend free/subsidized treatment to poor patients (other than those affected with leprosy).


Food donation for leprosy patients. Celebrate special days by contributing towards this.

Todays Needs

Free dates are available for Annadhanam.

Tax exemption under 80 G is available for the above.

Friends of Karigiri
Become a Friend of Karigiri and contribute Rs.100/- per year and receive our newsletter.
. We invite you to join the "Friends of Karigiri" to share in our work and service. Group membership is welcome and can include church groups, youth organizations, etc. Members will be kept informed of all developments and activities related to Karigiri`s progress through quarterly bulletins, and annual reports. There are three types of membership:



Rs. 100 per year


Rs. 300 per year


Rs. 2000 per year


The ordinary membership barely covers the cost of printing and postage for the Bulletin. With the other memberships, your contributions are available for serving the leprosy patients. May I suggest to make your subscription or donation on a regular basis. This will assist us in keeping in touch with you regularly. Your contributions will go a long way in meeting the various needs of leprosy afflicted persons and their families. As a sustaining member you may choose to send your contributions quarterly.