Dental Surgery


Welcome to the most advanced dental treatment facility in Karigiri, started in 2005. With hygienic treatment rooms and the absolute latest in Dental equipment, we have skilfully and ethically served patients from all levels of the community in restoring their smiles and transforming lives through compassionate care using Evidence-Based best comprehensive dental care. We have set our goals to raise public awareness on oral health and promote good dental health in and around Karigiri.

The Dental team: Dr. M. Evelin, BDS, PGF (Gen. Dent)

                                  Mrs. Nimmi

OPD timings: 8:00 – 4:30 pm (Monday – Friday)

                         8:00- 12:00 noon (on Saturday)


We provide :

  1. Cleaning ( Scaling / Prophylaxis) of teeth

  2. Removing stains from teeth

  3. Polishing of teeth

  4. Fillings

    1. Tooth coloured ( GIC,LCR,KETAC MOLAR)

    2. Traditional silver amalgam

    3. Restoration of fractured front teeth with tooth coloured filling.

    4. Closure of midline spaces in front teeth using tooth coloured filling.

  5. Removal of teeth (Extraction )

  6. Surgical removal of last tooth ( Third molar impaction).

  7. Root canal treatment ( To save the tooth beyond filling)

  8. Dentures  (Partial removable denture & full denture)

  9. Fixed dentures – Single crown & Bridges (Metal, ceramic, acrylic, zirconia)

  10. Screening of oral cancer lesions – biopsy if necessary.

  11. Dental X – rays available

  12. Minor surgery

            I)cyst ennucleation


    13.Dental health education.

Dental Aspects towards Leprosy

  1. The multi-disciplinary approach involves various departments to care for the Leprosy-affected.

  2. Dental aspects towards Leprosy is of special importnace, since it is proven that Mycobacterium leprae is present in the Palate of the Oral Cavity

  3. The Dental problems of the Leprosy-affected patients are quite similar to those experienced by general patients, and the care for them stays the same.

Community Dental Care

Our unit has involved in various activities of the hospital in the care for the Dental needs of the villages in around Karigiri.

We provide screening programs and dental health education in the prevention of various Dental diseases. We provide Full Mouth Rehabilitation (FMR) to all the affected patients who visit our OPD.


We are grateful to many who have contributed to the oral care of these patients and getting them dentures to improve their lifestyle, thereby helping them to experience the life of a normal person.