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Director’s Message

Greetings from the desk of Director………

The second quarter has been busy with admissions to various courses to the School of Nursing and College of Health Sciences.  Other routine activities in service and research continue.

The Community volunteers who have been inducted at the beginning of the year to work among 20,000 population of 10 chosen villages for screening of leprosy, disability and non-communicable diseases are doing good work.  Baseline data has been collected, interventions implemented and referrals done among this population.

CBM disability project is in its third year.  The project screens for disability, implements needed intervention and empower the disabled through income generating initiatives.

Strategic Plan 2015-19 which started in January 2015 has been reviewed.  The plan after 1½ years shows that many activities have been started under each Strategic Objective and the progress made is good.

I request you to continue to uphold the institution in your prayers as we continue to minister to many who are in need.

Dr. Mannam Ebenezer,