General Surgery

The General Surgery services are currently available once a week with the forenoon dedicated for surgeries and afternoon for OP clinic. Dr. Karl Sampath, MCh in Pediatric Surgery (from CMC, Vellore), along with the OPD nursing staff, team up in providing effective care for the surgical patients which includes children as well as adults.

OPD Registration timings

Every Thursday: 8 am – 2 pm

In-Patient services

The in-patient services cater to all levels of people. There is a medical ward for patients with fractures and diabetic ulcers, a private ward with air-conditioned rooms, and a surgical ward for leprosy patients with ulcers. The patients are seen everyday and the progress of the patient is discussed with the relatives everyday. While in the hospital, the co-existing diseases are also taken care of, ensuring complete care.

Surgeries Done

Minor and intermediate risk surgeries such as biopsies, I&D of abscesses, thyroidectomy, inguinal hernia repair, hydrocoelectomy, anal fistulectomy, circumcision, varicose veins, hemorrhoidectomy etc are performed after proper pre-anesthetic evaluation.

Operation Theater

 There is one major operating room and one septic operating room available for elective and emergency surgeries. Equipments for lateral and lithotomy positioning are available, which enable performing wide variety of surgeries.

Elective surgeries are planned on Tuesday forenoon. Emergency surgeries are done any time depending on the severity of the injury. A regular microbial surveillance is done to ensure a sterile environment.

X-ray department

 The X-ray department is functional 24 hours a day. It extends its services intra-operatively with the image-intensifier which is an asset to the current surgical techniques.