Innovative and effective ways to care the leprosy affected patients for the Prevention of Impairment and Disability, have always been the priority for the Physiotherapy Department.  Uniform protocols and guidelines are followed by the staff in the early detection, patient education, prevention and management of disability, thereby contributing to the holistic care of the leprosy affected.

Early Detection of Nerve Function Impairment:

Over 1630 nerve function assessments have helped in identifying and grading the impairments and in further referral for appropriate management.

Appropriate therapeutic modalities like exercises, plasters, splints and other aids and appliances are provided to improve the leprosy affected patients’ activities of daily living.

Patient Education:

Focus Group Discussions, participatory and individual self-care sessions have enabled the patients in identifying the reasons and challenges of their impairments and disabilities.

The cooking classes and periodical recreational activities have helped in enhancing the emotional, social and physical well being of the leprosy affected patients coming to the hospital.


“Leprosy Orientation for therapists” is conducted for UG and PG Physiotherapy and Occupational therapy college students from across the country.

“Now I can assess and manage a patient having hand impairments with confidence. Please conduct more of these trainings……” – A trainee at the Hand therapy workshop, 2015


Biomedical engineering students of VIT University in collaboration with the Physiotherapy Department are involved in projects on rehabilitation engineering.

Undergoing Projects:

  • Design, Development and Evaluation of footwear for Neuropathic foot

  • Computer Aided Design and Development of Orthotics for Remotely Located Patients


  • “Customized orthotic fabrication using 3 D reconstruction CT images”Selected as one of the top 50 Innovations of India by the Department of Science & Technology-Lockheed Martin Indian Innovation Growth Program for the year 2015.

You tube link:

  • “Sensory Feed Back System in the Prevention of Peak Palmar and Plantar Pressures”Selected as one of the top 50 Innovations of India by the Department of Science & Technology-Lockheed Martin Indian Innovation Growth Program for the year 2016.

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  • Sathish Paul, Rekha Vijayakumar, Lazar Mathew, and Sudesh Sivarasu “Finite element model–based evaluation of tissue stress variations to fabricate corrective orthosis in feet with neutral subtalar joint”Prosthet Orthot Int 0309364616631344, first published on March 15, 2016 as doi:10.1177/0309364616631344

  • Sathish Kumar PaulRekha VijayakumarSudesh Sivarasu“Customized Insole fabrication for foot deformities in Leprosy patients” Journal of Medical Devices (Impact Factor: 0.67). 06/2014; 8(2):020950. DOI:10.1115/1.4027065

  • Hugh Cross, Firmansyah Ariff, Kerstin Beise, Wim Brandsma, Josepg Ngozi Chukwu, Jannine Ebenso, Maria Aparecida, De Faria Grossi, Herman-Joseph Kawuma, Lina Lehman, Suresh Mani, Sathish Kumar Paul, Angelika Piefer, Wim Van Brakel, Jinlan Li“A Delphi exercise to refine the WHO three-point Disability Grading system for leprosy, and to develop guidelines to promote greater accuracy and reliability of WHO Disability recording” Leprosy review (Impact Factor: 0.86). 02/2014; 85(1):18-28.

Presentations – International:

International Foot Congress, iFAB 2016 – Germany 2016

  • Design, development and evaluation of therapeutic insole for neuropathic foot S. Manoharan, S. Mahajan, P. Shah, S. Nageswaran, M. Ebenezer

  • Data acquisition through localised sensors for the fabrication of customized foot insoles S. Manoharan, S. Sivarasu, R. Vijayakumar, M. Ebenezer

8th Conference on Appropriate Health Technologies – London  2014

  • Moulded Insole Fabrication for Foot Deformities using Computer Tomographic Images Sathish Kumar Paul, Rekha Vijayakumar, Sudesh Sivarasu

  • Tactile sensing fabric glove to predict peak palmar pressure and prevent early impairments in leprosy affected patients – 2 year follow up study Sathish Kumar Paul, Rekha Vijayakumar, Sudesh Sivarasu