Head of the Department:      Dr. Mannam Ebenezer, D Ortho, MS Ortho

Name of the Technician :       Mr. J. Nirmal Unnathakumar, Tutor, Radiographer

OPD Timings                          Monday to Friday:    8:00AM to 4:30PM

                                                     Saturday:                   8:00AM to 12:00PM

OPD Services:                           X-rays from all OPD clinical units and emergency X-rays are done.

IP Services    :                            Routine in-patient X-rays are taken after 1PM on weekdays. Emergency X-rays from the ward are done at any time.

Portable Service:                      Portable X-rays are done for patients from OPD or ward, who cannot be mobilized to the X-ray department.

Operation Theatre Service:   With the C-Arm Machine (Image intensifier), orthopedic procedures like closed reduction, DHS (Dynamic Hip Screw) etc. and other procedures like HSG (Hysterosalpingogram) are performed effectively.

Emergency Service:                 24 hours’ X-ray services are available, catering to emergency situations as well.

Processing Techniques:

  1. Manual Processing will be done for patients and also for practical exposure to the students.

  2. Computed Radiography Images have been recently launched in our Hospital.

Ultra Sonography (USG) Services:

Radiologist, Dr Balaji is available for USG services once a week in our hospital (usually Friday forenoons). All types of sonography are done – Abdomen & Pelvis Scan, Antenatal Scan, Anomaly Scan, Doppler for Varicose Veins and Arterial diseases. Single System studies like Thyroid, Scrotum, Growth or Mass lesions, KUB (Kidney, Ureters and Bladder) etc., are done, making our services cost-effective.

Biopsy/FNAC:                       FNAC or any biopsy is taken from the site with USG guidance.

ECG Services:                       Along with X-rays, ECG (Electrocardiogram) services are provided for OPD/ IP departments and on emergency basis.

Training Programs:

Diploma Course:                 Training for Two years Diploma in Radio Imaging Technology approved by MRTTC, CMAI.

BSc Course:                           Bachelor of Radio Imaging Technology approved by Dr. MGR Medical University, Chennai for 3 years with 1 year internship.