Chaplaincy Department: Activities & Plans for Future

Christ Centere Ministry at SIHR & LC

1.Patients and Relatives

  1. Personal counseling for patients and their relatives.
  1. Beside counseling
  2. ii.  All in patients, Outpatients and their relatives are covered.
  3. iii. Pre and post operative in patients
  1. Ward rounds and prayers
  2. More emphasis on indirect counseling  for out patients
  3. Film show in the medical quadrangle and surgical ward , twice a month.
  4. Literature ministry
  5. Special programs during Easter, teaching mission, Christmas and New year.

2. Ministry to staff    

  1. Daily devotions at SIH R&LC and PBIHC
  2. Departmental visit on every Saturday.
  3. Counseling for whoever requires it.
  4. Conducting the retreat.
  5. Conducting teaching mission for 3 days.
  6.  Conducting Women’s fellowship meetings.
  7. Interactions with departments.

3. Staff support to chaplaincy 

  1. Involving staff in the chaplaincy ministry by making them participate in choir music, ward visits and special prayers, including New Year Weekly prayer and CMAI prayer week. Increasing staff participation in morning devotions.
  2.  Interaction with Psychology, Social work and other departments including the clinicians.
  3. Chapel committee
  4.  Staff core group

4. Staff Families (campus residents)

  1. House visits
  2. Weekly Cottage prayer meetings
  3. Conducting meetings on special occasions
  4. Bible study
  5. Visiting nonresident families whenever required
  6. Sunday services-staff families, students and patients (morning Tamil and evening English)
  7. Youth Formation

5. Students and trainees

       a. Moral Teaching on ‘Christian Response to Ethical Issues’ every Saturday

        b. Retreat

       C. Counseling and student career guidance

       d. Weekly visits to hostel, interacting with students, based on bible passage.

        e. Motivating students to participate in the religious activities.

6. Special program

        a. Christmas programs: Patients, ward carols, campus carols, language carols, and                  Christmas Eve services.

        b. Lent season meditation on the cross.

        c.Easter program.

        d. Harvest festival, Shanthigramam, Educational assistance and missionary     organizations.

        e. Outreach ministry-IGL colony, Shanthigramam and surrounding villages

7. Ministry to children

        a.   Sunday School

         b.   Retreat for Sunday school

         c.   Vacation bible school

         d. Target group

      i. Leprosy affected patient’s children

      ii. Children from surrounding villages

      iii. Staff children residing on the campus


II   Future plans

       a. Equipping the staff for the chaplaincy activities

                 Karigiri blessed with many staff who are doing god’s ministries in their own church whom we can identify particular staff from as a core group equip them for the chaplaincy activities.

               b. Conducting the homiletics seminar staff Involving for the preaching                      

                  In our monthly devotion schedule many of the staff involving in preaching and conducting services. To them we may have an                                                   intensive course how to prepare sermon, how to present the gospel to the mixed community with different faith, conveying the love of Jesus Christ in a short time.

            C. Community based ministry to the patients                         

                          Karigiri is surrounded by many villages and most of the villages are  coming to our hospital for treatment to them. We have a very good                              platform to preach the gospel through our morning devotion. Some of our department for e.g. Ophthalmology (medical camp), community  health (field work),clinical psychology (clinical counseling).Chaplaincy may have mutual understanding with this departments wherever they go for their department activities chaplaincy may join with them to interact  with the community to preach the gospel.            

            d. Strengthening the lay missionary prayer group / Women’s fellowship                           

                          Which is a vibrant lay group established by our Director (Dr.Mannam Ebenezer) meets once in a month or two months in once Sharing their Personal encounter experience with patient if they have any opportunity to say about our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. We can concentrate more on this group club the St. Luke’s Chapel women fellowship members trained them how to convey the gospel in one manner.          

            e. Leprosy Sunday to be implemented in local churches                        

                            - Our institution has high regards in the local churches who knew very well about our ministry. The yearly leprosy Sunday can be                              implemented in all the local churches by sending own staff for preaching and giving awareness about leprosy to strengthen our relationship with local churches.

            f. Training volunteers among the staff for prayer and beside counseling                         

                            - This is the very importent ministry to the patient who need more attention during their sickness to keeping this important aspect in our                                        mind we may identity very few staff and give special training for them  how to interact with the patient and get verbatim during the sickness.

       e. Training to Theological College Students   

         to invite students from theological colleges to have intensive course in the Chaplaincy Department

Submitted to the Director  : Dr. Mannam Eenezer

Rev. T.Devadoss