Branch of Laboratories

The Branch of Laboratories, established in 1958 as Department of Pathology, now offers diagnostic services, training programmes and research in experimental pathology and molecular biology.

Dr. Charles Kamalam Job, the founder of the department has been honored with several awards for his services to leprosy research, and much of his work was carried out at Karigiri. He has received many awards including the Damien –Dutton award in 1993, and the Lifetime Achievement Award of the Indian Association of Leprologists in 2010. He continues to advise and guide the department, especially in research activities.

In 1963, during the 90th Anniversary celebrations of The Leprosy Mission International, Dr. Job was given an electron microscope for his research. This was placed in CMC Vellore, so that other scientists could also make use of this equipment. Path breaking work on the ultra structure of nerve involvement in leprosy was possible.

From its inception, the department has worked in close cooperation with the clinical units and has been recognized both for diagnostic services in leprosy and research.